Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 12"

U rock!

Ur the best flash animator i ever seen!


Your movies keep getting better and better mate. There all so FUCKING HILLARIOUS. Keep up the good work mate!

Very good... but...

This would probly be the least funny movie for the RAB ever. Though it was good, I just didnt really laugh so hard that i coughed out my brain and had to get a operation causing me to forget to sue you for making me cough out my brain... ok.. I have no idea where im going with this, but it just wasn't as funny as the others.

o Yess

Make More RAB plz, I liked the line the cat used form Duke Nukem
" I'am gonna chew bubble gum and kick some ass but iam all out of gum" " i have Strawberry" lol.

100 is my score...

I liked it because my sisters birthday is on sant pattys day and me and my family could not get enough i love it. Ps: you got to make anothter im beggig you, make it for Halloween because thats my birthday ok?