Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 12"

Stolen? I dont think so!

This wasnt stolen so shut up. If it was dont you think he woulda have been caught ALONG time a go moron? Besides i dont know whats with that link that u need to LOG in! probably some outwar type crap so NOBODY Copy his link Anyways good movie man....funny what kind of glasses were those anyways?

This one was ok

The ending could of been better, it was strange, but not funny

Falcon Chief

Damn this series is so good, just vote 5 before you even watch it!

i cant stop laughing

hhahhahahahhahahahaha i hope all the next ones are like this


funny shit bye the way i know i saw that in a movie where they find classes and see aliens and subliminal messages but i forgot what it was called.