Reviews for "Retarded Animal Babies 12"


great parody of the movie "They Live".

not my kind of humor

it wasn't my type of humor/style, but it was good...... whatever it was.


Interesting, drinking pee..But then who doesn't on Patty's Day?! Or any other day..Anyway, it's COOL, and umm..I hope to see a RAB 13 soon, cause if I don't..*Thinks for a second* Well..I'd be depressed. xP


dude, I love these. They're all my favorite. I always looks for new ones. They make me happy. This one was awesome.

yes i love RAB

everytime i load newgrounds i hope to see a new RAB this was just as funny as the others And lol the drunks were dringing PEE ahahahaha aslo i hope it dont take till 2007 to make a new. glue your but to the computer and make a new one