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Reviews for "Claveman Ep. 4/5 UNO"

Fantastic. dispite a few flaws

Meatwad = Good

Gasoline = Good

Pokemon = Bad

Song and dance = Ehh...

I think I peed, yeah ..urm...I did

That was fantastical. Funny, and you display a nice range of voice capabilities. I think that during the few moment I laughed to myself, a small piece of life came flitting back into my soul. You SIR, have taken a piece of the dark away, and for that...I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!! Revenge will be mine sir...yes revenge will me mine...mwahahahaha *crap I was monologing*. Good work I find this humor impressive, most impressive, and once I can regain my composure as an sorrow filled individual, I will watch it again.

Go Cockomon!!

a little bit below the first few episodes but still very good.

Loved the whole pokemon rip off, espescially(soz 4 spelling) the music it was really well done.

And Finally the evil ones are revealed, lol

keep up the good work.

That was a little below what I Expected

It was funny when they robbed ash and he had that backround music it was better then part 3 but worse then part 1.


Was that really meatwads voice?! How were you able to get such a cracky voice for ash?