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Reviews for "Pawnshop Prick"


That was a good one i added it to my favourites ;)
you should make another with twice the amount of GORE!!!

Aesthetically Pleasing.

This is a really funny flash movie, with multiple puns and unexpected twists that keep you laughing. Really violent, unsettling and a bit of fecal humor. Simply hillarious.


I think Pawnshop prick has a special place in my heart, along with 3-ali. I look at them as my children, that I must nuture and love with all of my strength.


it was amazing newgrounds should have more of this


dude this is hilarious. so is 3 ali. you make funny movies dude. keep it up i wanna laugh some more ............................oh yeah and BlastNovaBeamhere,u sound like a nerd but i agree