Reviews for "Pawnshop Prick"


The part where he shit in the guys face was the funniest thing iv seen in ages, keep it up.


That was pretty awsome. SAVAGE. Nice and gruesome. I liked how he ripped the door off of his car twice. And Spraying that shit just about sent me in fits of laughter. Awsome fight scene, decent animation. Well done. *claps* sick bastard! hehe

This was a funny as hell video

man this was one of the funniest damn submissins on Newgrounds iv see in this collection category. I havent gone to newgrounds since last summer and i was glad to see some refreshing gratuituous violence gravce my view...goo djob author


At first it was hard to believe the animation would be so cool!

the best ass kicking movie

one the most funniest fight scence in newgrounds history. the only problem is the vid is to short.