Reviews for "Pawnshop Prick"



Lo frikkiin L

Dude that was wicked sweet. I wonder if there could be a sequel with a zombie O'riely

King-of-Cock responds:

strangely enough, i had actually thought of that, and i assume Rick O'rielly will return, whether or not hes a zombie or not remains to be seen


dude that was one of the greatest things ive seen in a long while. there needs to be more crazy flash like that.

What a prick!!!!

Great job on the concept of people completely overeacting to one of life's challenges: Scammers.
This is a great flash. The idea of kicking your own car door down followed by "I hope i have insurance" (brilliant). you even managed to work scat in there lol.
the brutal acts of the scammer were well balanced by the response of snapping off his jaw and breaking his limbs!
You are a genious!


I loved so hard, you should really make tons more!