Reviews for "Pawnshop Prick"

sick violence somehow made amusing

Great trick! The offhand carnage and dark humour makes this little flash a joy to watch for any psycho, redneck or republican! I think even Mother Theresa would approve, after a couple of microdots!


i dont know where to start...you are gifted, this shit is so funny and just badass, its awesome.

you might as well kick the monthy winners in the n

uts cause this movie is the best internet cartoon ive seen all year!

Wow haha, genius once again

I LOVE your stuff, i regret not checking it all out earlier, we gotta colloborate on something ASAP

King-of-Cock responds:

hey yeah we should TOTALLY kollab, rule the interwebs as you know it

Jhonny is the funniest dude evar!!!!

fatty pwnd too!!! whoever doesnt like this need to get laid!