Reviews for "Pawnshop Prick"

he got shit on.

that's all i needed to see. penis mallet was a bonus. very nice animation hope to see more of jhonny's crazed adventure. carry on now

orginaly worte: "That'sa l i needed to se. Penins Malletis abomus."

2nd best by the two kings

King of Cunt obviously does his best work with King of Cock. Funny, good violence, and most of all, a storyline. Keep it up.

"That wasn't even my property!"


omg, you have most definently got the top of my fav artist list! Two Dollars?! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


My only problem with it is that he broke the driver side door off twice
But it is 'sposed to be random....

As tears roll down my cheeks....

Moments ago everyone in my office was starring at me because i was laughing so hard that tears were just pouring out. I love all of your work. i've watched all of it and I'd have to say this is some of the best stuff on NewGrounds without a doubt. I almost pissed myself with this one here. Please for my sanity's sake make more!!!