Reviews for "Pawnshop Prick"


Damn dude that's some funny shit you got there lol fucking the how damn thing is funny can't get enough


omg wut was that about no 1 wud suvive a smash to the head with a hammer

yolly good !

Already seen it, why's it getting frontpage just now ?!?
really loved it, as all your other movies too !!
RandomRandomRandom and Mario-Sounds-of-Curiosity *looool*

Keep doin' that !!!


I hope I have insurance, and that's my crown. lol

you got any other stuff besides 3-ali??

I can't stop watching 3-ali, and now I have to add this one once and a while too


completely unoriginal

This was completely unoriginal. we already have so many cart00ns like this on newgrounds, and to make it worse the art sucked and there was no style at all.