Reviews for "Pawnshop Prick"


Dude, that was shibby. I mean like, all that violence and even a little poo humor. Those two effed that old man up.

Violent and funny; a good combination.

I liked the humor of your film. I also liked the loading screen you made, how it says "loathing" and the little guy on top. I noticed that the shadow of the guy did not match but it was still great. The story line didn't make much sense, but it was funny. A lot of violence, which was cool. Try and work on your graphics a bit and you could make some great stuff.


Cool flash very funny could have better but i cant talk about graphics my flash had the worst on newgrounds it was Jump Edited great flash make more.

what the heck!

well i dont wanna sound like a d**k but overall i gave the graphics a 3 because it was shoddy and could have been better if u just gave it more time

also i may be the drunkest reviewer on the whole planet but i think that made no sense at all

p.s if u guys think it was better i honestly dont care >:)


that movie was pretty good just need better graphics