Reviews for "Pawnshop Prick"


I just love your animation graphics, even though they look like they've been done in mspaint, lol.
It reminds me of the old days of watching Beavis and Butthead.


i dont know where to start...you are gifted, this shit is so funny and just badass, its awesome.

Makes me laugh.

Sometimes violet, random nonsense is just what you need when you've had a shitty day. Th animation wasn't the greatest and the plot was questionable, but I don't really care :D

Pathetic shit.

This coulda been funny. With some nice jokes and good timing, and without the shitty-ass mic-down-your-throat sound quality, it might have been nice. But nah, it totally sucked ass. It was just some random violence with no rhyme, reason, or plot.

Keep working on animatnig, but find something to animate. Don't just animate for no damn reason.

Why did I like this?

I don't know why, but I found this rather entertaining. I like violence just fine, but this was like whoa. Still cool though.