Reviews for "Pawnshop Prick"


Oh man this whole flash was funny, i liked the shabby artwork and wild violence. Tis Worthy of an award.

dude wtf

honestly how in the fucking hell could you not like this shit. wtf. your the one whos fucking sick. damn. this was soooo good.

blown away again

That was amazing. I just had an orgasm (the part where he rips the guys jaw off).

I guess the guy below me will have to develope a sense of humor.

The Car Door

It was pretty good i guess...funny but weird. He ripped of the car door twice...the SAME door.

Randomness=funny, again

Excellent work again, I like how you use the same characters in other flashes, although there is no story to follow, which dosnt matter, and if there is, no sane person could follow it (good thing) well, keep'm coming.