Reviews for "Pawnshop Prick"

hah ha

it was preety funny i enjoyed it

p.s penis hammer?

This was a funny as hell video

man this was one of the funniest damn submissins on Newgrounds iv see in this collection category. I havent gone to newgrounds since last summer and i was glad to see some refreshing gratuituous violence gravce my view...goo djob author


I think Pawnshop prick has a special place in my heart, along with 3-ali. I look at them as my children, that I must nuture and love with all of my strength.

Another work of Brialliance

I'm assuming this was made before 3-Ali, but it's genius is no less. I loved it, just as I had enjoyed 3-Ali. I cant wait for the next quirky and comically ultraviolet flash featuring Johnny.


its friggen hilarious,I lafed at it each time I watched it (i almost died of lagfter the first time...the second time too...