Reviews for "[a.] Soundless Fields"


Like The Album Leaf, it chills you out. I submit a challenge to any pissed off person. Listen to this and see if you can still be pissed at anything on Earth.


Cool chill out song.
I really like the drums, but the synth chords have a bit too many cheesy 80s effects on them.


I never really check out your ambient stuff, but I figured I might as well since it was hosted on the front page. Go look good sir.

I'm a little sad the song cuts off at the end. I'd like to hear a full on pretentious 10 second ambient ending that I'm so accustomed to hearing in all music. It's a little disappointing :(

Other than that, gratz on front page sir.

Rawrthaas responds:

Oh damn. Second time I had a song up there.

Didn't expect this one to make it
yey :D


Awesome music, has a great rhythm.
For some reason it makes me drowsy XD.


Good Job!

Hey man, good job, it has a great vibe and its a very peaceful song ! Helps me keep concentrated with my homework and shit.