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Reviews for "Lethal Poison"

This instigates the thought process..

Yeah, i agree with them in the point of what make Poison so hot is her/his legs, feet and the skin color that you got it right. Her/his hips is another really important charm point of Poison, try to focus in the lower part with less atention on her/his breasts and it will be a perfect poison :)

Fine as fuck!

She is hot except for her legs and feet.
Her legs need to be extended out to look longer, because they look short and thick in the photo. Also, her feet are weirdly pointed, but other than that she is smokin' :D

Really great pin-up man. I think it's great that you'll often do a trap and non-trap version of most of your pin-ups. Most of this has some great, crisp line work and really nice shading.

The only thing I'd question are the feet. It does honestly look like you put a lot of care into 90% of her body and then the feet just look...off. You have the one shoe capped with a pointed, sharp toe while the other one has a round and tapered look, and it just makes it look like the right foot is oddly thick. That, and the line from her left breast to her arm along with the shading there gives her one side a concave look when there should be a more natural shape.

Nit-picks aside, this is right up to par with your usually awesome standard, so I hope my criticisms help and I look forward to more of your excellent art.