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Reviews for "Knights of Cydonia [EON Remix]"

"Makes me want to go out clubbing..."

But I'd only go to a club that played THIS! Epic man, EPIC! I'm a fan of Muse and rarely do I come across a remix of their music that actually sounds good, nay, FAN-FRAKKING-TASTIC! Please don't ever stop doing what you do! XD

Well THAT was unexpected!

A techno mix of a rock song? that sounds good? INCONCEIVABLE!!!

nice job on this.


:D SO FULL OF WIN!!! I had my doubts whether you could pull off a great KoC remix... you proved me wrong with my doubts! Awesome song :)


The break into, I believe it is called "Awesome Solo", around 2:30 onwards till the end, stopped me completely. I did not move. I did not breathe. I just heard a justifiable trance mix of Muse, and it was incredible.

I dare to say that this remix is better than the original song...