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Reviews for "Knights of Cydonia [EON Remix]"

Sounds a whole lot like Ciaran Begley's RMX

The intro is almost note for not like Ciaran Begley's remix.

Pretty good remix although I like Ciaran's remix better. Overall it doesn't flow as well as it could, a little more work would be good. To me and I think it is a little too long.

By the way, did you get permission to remix this? I don't see any in the author's comments.

EON responds:

You don't need permission to remix a song if it's non-commercial.
And I'm not sure what the laws are for sampling, something like you can't use more than 3 seconds/sample, but as this is public domain it doesn't really matter.
Also many artists make 'white label' tracks, which are never released, if they've used a lot of samples from the original song or haven't made special arrangements with the artist.

And who's Ciaran?

Great sounds

Good start, flow and quality. Everything just comes together very nicely.


yea man this shit is fresh. I gave it a 9 because this is like my least favorite Muse song.

This is good, of course, I more like original, but it’s best remix of all I’ve ever seen, thanks, EON!

Oh yeah, my favorite Muse song. This remix is cool too