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Reviews for "Knights of Cydonia [EON Remix]"

Oh my


This is fantastic. I like how you actually kept the original opening and made it.. EXPLODE. 1:00 mark blew me away. It's transcendent. I love every second of it. And unlike other Muse remixes, you kept the heart of what made the song awesome. It's original, at the same time, making it a joy to listen to, despite the fact that I listen to the original a lot. :P

Fantastic job. 5/5

This, I dare say...

might even be better than the original, although that might just be me, because I sometimes like this style of music better than guitars. This song is perfect for this style of music IMO.


A remix of my favorite band song.

The best remix ever this song is lit

Sounds a whole lot like Ciaran Begley's RMX

The intro is almost note for not like Ciaran Begley's remix.

Pretty good remix although I like Ciaran's remix better. Overall it doesn't flow as well as it could, a little more work would be good. To me and I think it is a little too long.

By the way, did you get permission to remix this? I don't see any in the author's comments.

EON responds:

You don't need permission to remix a song if it's non-commercial.
And I'm not sure what the laws are for sampling, something like you can't use more than 3 seconds/sample, but as this is public domain it doesn't really matter.
Also many artists make 'white label' tracks, which are never released, if they've used a lot of samples from the original song or haven't made special arrangements with the artist.

And who's Ciaran?