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Reviews for "Knights of Cydonia [EON Remix]"

Yeah, guy, rock on!

This sounds like Knight Style, it IS Knight Style, and it's fast paced too!
PLUS it's Techno!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great beat, great use of the lyrics, great feel and most of all, great timing. I loved to quiet part in the middle... Quite frankly, you are now one of my favorite audio portal artists.... Well done, the work of course. 5/5 DL'ed

holy F*CKK

Wow, so you took awesome and covered it in awesome? 5/5 10/10 YOU ARE THE MAN!

Oh my Dear Lord!

A MUSE REMIX THAT ISN'T CRAP! THANK YOU! Where do I start!?! The remix is original it's not just something over top the original song! And it still is true to the Muse-ness! I am seriously like euphoric right now cuz I frickin love Muse and techno so when the two combine...I get a tad excited! :D SO HAPPY! Great work here, this is sooooo entertaining! OVER 9000 STARS! (adds to favs) Look forward to the rest of your work my good sir!

Almost as good as the original

You almost got 10, it'd be 9.5 if I could, since muse is my favorite band of all time. This is sort of like what I've heard about twilight: awesome remix by itself, but if you're a fan of the original song, it just isn't as good. I'm sure nobody could've done any better than you did on this song, you just aren't quite as good as muse. All I'm saying.