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Reviews for "mario all star adv 3 pr2"


Great sprite work, could've used a little more storyline though.

Holy crapmuffins, that was amazingly awesome!

Excellent sprite manipulation, everything flowed beautifully, the cinematic style pleases the eye; the environments are very well done.
This flash deserves every "10" I gave it. One thing detracted from the beauty that was this flash. Grammar and spelling. Other than the aforementioned: Perfect. This has my seal of approval


Dude that was sooooo awsome!!

I just wached all of the Mario All Star Adv's and let me tell you I was soooooo blown away!! You my friend are AWSOME!!! Mario is the fucken SHIT man!!! You have some serious ass SKILLZ man!! I really mean it!! Good job man!!!

Yeah! Bowser's an ass!

This is the best movie ever yet! :)


that movie kicked @#$ I hope to see your other movies!