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Reviews for "mario all star adv 3 pr2"


I'm sorry to say this, but I just don't see how this one could get such a high average score... I didn't find anything new in it, the graphics were of course bad due to the mario-theme, and the sound wasn't too good (when it was actually there...), and to top it all, it didn't seem like it'd been thought properly through considering the part where Mario falls from VERY high, Bowser lands on top of him, and nothing whatsoever happens... It might just be an unrealistic flash, but I've seen better.


where the MFHG is princess peach you crap!!!

Annoying Story, but to tell the truth, nice art

same old SMB-stuff, annoying music, very familiar scene on the plattform that reminds me on the worst movie ever since "Wing Commander" in the cinema: Matrix-Revolution...

holy crap!

all of this sprite work is making me hate it more & more! this shiz dun deserve an award

D-SuN responds:

well too bad buddy cuz it got an award!

that sucked

that was crap it was the worest # # # # ing thig iv ever seen