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Reviews for "mario all star adv 3 pr2"


The moive itself is very good. The graphics are excellent and the fighting scenes are also very cool. However, I didn't watch the previous versions. So when I saw Sonic battling against some Moral Kombat guys, I was like: what the hell? It would be better if you made an introduction to show me what was going on previously. Nevertheless, it is absolutely a great moive. Keep the nice work up.

OW owowowowoowo

The fights and story was k00l but... the spelling sucked please look up the words or ask someone for help with these spellingz... that was the only eye-sore...

Thu maker of theese titles must watch DragonBall Z

I whould i have to say that this flash tends to float over in a DBZ style but i i don't think it has kinda of a patteren, although it is good

Anywho, this is a good flash title and i think that maybe you should team up with Randy sometime and mkae a really good epic series! ;)

Very Nice

This move was very impressive. While some of the animations were a little choppy, they were really good. I also saw a lot of custom sprite animations. Kudos to you for that. It was a nice fight with Bowser, but the other fights could have gone on a little bit longer. Other than that, it was a really good movie. Nice job.

last right

is this the last one?