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Reviews for "mario all star adv 3 pr2"

Crazy good.

You got from Metalgear Solid Snake Eater music to Matrix, Badd ass man. Sweet video!


man, I know you worked a lot on this. Very good job, and I know your gonna do even better in the near future good work

Cool movie

But why posess megaman X? He's cool! And why did Yoshi have to die? Couldn't he be saved?

the best of all!

i don't think it over from the movie, i saw that movie last march or april, or last year, by the time, your series of power star is better more than this one, but by the way, in the final battle, Mario kill Bowser...? but i think Bowser is alive and he return in power star, and he wanted to take revenge on Mario, and peach is still alive turn back to: the story in part.1, when Mario and Luigi to say thank with Sonic & Knuckle while they leave, and the star grow her back to normal.... and while Mario was the good guy, after then i also watch ROTMK 4, since last march or april, it was just the same version, Bowser is still not dead yet, he is back and he want his revenge on Mario, also when the Boos went to bowser body, he want back, he decied to see his castle was ok, and decied what he need more army, when Bowser release the Boos, and he said to they; go to Mario body, to a misson to get the Power Star, but i know bowser is dead, or he is alive, yes he is return to get his revenge on Mario, sorry, but it does not matter, or that is story in power star part.1, but i loved your movies ALOT!!! this is the best series in the world, i give it 10/10!
but keep a eye for my series ATOMMX, you will like my series,
but good work.


These guys together kick so much ass!!!11!!! You've got 2 make more movies with these guys!!!!!111!!!