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Reviews for "mario all star adv 3 pr2"


This is good but you know the evil guy in yellow & black clothes, what's his name?

im onyl rating the ending but id give this score

well... TO ALL! this is the freaking best movie 6 parts was it? EVER!u rock th freaknig socks of loser mario noobs ur he best!im adding u to my faves my brotha! u OWN!~~~

Your best and biggest fan,
Ali E. (A.K.A Boomrocka :) )


that was awesome!!!!!! all the parts (including the SP one) were awesome!!!!!


wtf happened to metal sonic and megaman ?????????????????????????????? ??? other than that it was good

Just Qualifies for a thumbs up

I liked it a bit, but I really think you could've done better. You should have made an interactive Loading Screen like the 2nd one. I found it quite fun to toy with them even after the movie had loaded. However i found that the storyline was pretty shit. I mean what happens to megaman? And how did sonic beat Scorpion and Goro, when he got completely SNAPPED by just Goro in the 2nd. And how did Mario survive a massive fall from the tower, and have Bowser Land on him. WTF? Aside from that I found the movie alright....ish. If I mysteriously had 6 hands, I would give it 6 thumbs up! lol.