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Reviews for "mario all star adv 3 pr2"

okie butttt~!

this was veary good ^_^
but i found out somthing odd...
i whent to see the credits to look at the music you used again, but when you click the credits button... it takes you back to the menu!
what gives? D:

keep it up

this was grrrrreat! i like the fight knuckles vs.freza that was cool. so was the other fight scenes but what happened to peach?????


These guys together kick so much ass!!!11!!! You've got 2 make more movies with these guys!!!!!111!!!

Wheres the missing characters?

This movie kicked ass! I loved the whole battle between Mario&Bowser! The music and rain&lightning that was so cool! But about the missing characters, Umm where was Eggman&MetalSonic? And Sonic couldn't even beat Goro in eps2, let alone Goro&Scorpian< nor could Knux beat Freiza So what gives?

that sucked

that was crap it was the worest # # # # ing thig iv ever seen