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Reviews for "mario all star adv 3 pr2"

Best Sprite Cartoon I've seen in a while

That's was pretty good, I liked the bonus thing. And it was great how you got the sprites to actually fight properly.

funny as hell

one question what happend to the eggman aka dr.robotnik aka fat guy with the big orange mustache?


But at the end it would have been PERFECT if you would have had some dude at the end in the castle say "Sorry but your princess is in another castle" Then have mario fall flat on his face! LMAO But nevertheless this was awsome. 10/10

very cool

I saw both. 5's for you.


Overal, there's nothing to complian about, but the part with the king from SMB3 wasn't the best ending. Insteid you could of made the part of zooming out of Bowser's castle longer and go up (like the real ending) and said the end. That would be better.