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Reviews for "mario all star adv 3 pr2"

good job

i was getting really pissed off at all da ppl makin da mario shit, ova n ova again >:|
but dis was actually pretty good. i luved the mixed characters u used, wit the DBZ, sonic, and mortal combat
the bowser fight wasn't very special, it could have used a better finishing move, y r ther bricks all of the sudden
good job tho, i hope u use my advice

Okay ending...

Again, with the spelling and grammer problem, (Stop it!) but a few questions:

1. How did Frieza die?
2. Whatever happened to X?
3. Where did you get those SFX? (I MUST HAVE IT. HM!)

All in all, great job! Still some of the best Sprite fighting sequences I've ever seen! Keep 'em coming! Voting 5.

Phobos Technology, Phobotech.

it was prity good

but theres lots of questions unansersd:

what happed to eggman (or whatever)
whay was the turtle just walking past the screen no noiceing the battle in the Knuckels vs frisza
what happed to maga man
and a few other things confused me too

Good, but some holes

The fighting is still really good, but I still can't get past the bad spelling and grammar, it should be something that should go without saying. Plus, some of the fights had inconclusive endings. Still really good.

Excellent sprite movie

Both this and the first part were pretty impressive. The action was decently thought out and well executed, and the humor was actually funny. Even at magnified sizes, the sprites stayed good quality and the custom ones for the fights (I assume at least a few of those were not in the games) were well made. Also, the backgrounds scrolled fairly smoothly and looked good. Sound quality was fairly good. The only thing that bothered me was a handful of typographical errors in the speech bubbles, but that's a minor problem. I would like to see more like this from you.