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Reviews for "mario all star adv 3 pr2"

Awesome Fight Scenes

The fight scenes were very, very well done. It's too bad that besides for the Mario vs. Bowser battle, all of them were like, 15 seconds. Otherwise great job.

Nice work!

Ok, ok, I'm aware that this is another Mario movie with references to The Matrix, DBZ, and ROTMK, but I actually found it quite enjoyable. The fight scenes were awesome, and I can tell that you went through some work to do all that animation and custom spriting. Keep it up!

Pretty cool, but you left stuff out...

Everyone but mario was battling, then they're just finished and survive after they were all getting their asses kicked? The king doesn't mourn the loss of Peach? why didnt any of the main good guys get controlled by the possession Boos? Need to use some grammar / spellcheck in these, i noticed a few mistakes in things that are said by the characters... just a bunch of little stuff. Otherwise pretty cool.

Great Ending! (Review on Both)

The fighitng was great! Those new fighting poses are really cool. And the Bonus Micheal Jackson Dance was funny! Great job! Are you planning on a sequel (as in continuation of the story)?

it was tizzighit!!!!!!!!!!

this was all it was cracked up to be.great job i hope u do more
yours truelly-
the guy with alot of asian pride=me