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Reviews for "mario all star adv 3 pr2"


This is wayyy cool!
Gave Mario more powers than just the usual jump on the head and fireflower. Like the haduken part also. Superb graphix and sound effects!


that was great and all, but what the hell happened to robotnik and mechasonic!!!???? I was looking foward to that fight


except for how it end i really liked it. keep it up


I liked how you put Freeza, MK players, and megaman to mix it up a bit. I will say though it could have used a breif story of what was happening at the beginning. But overrall it was great!! HAHA!

Pretty damn cool

i had no clue what megaman scorpion goro knuckles and sonic were all doin there but i guess thats what i get for not watchin the first one. But it was awesome with the fighting and the blowing up of shit and all. great movie