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Reviews for "mario all star adv 3 pr2"

I have to say..

That was one of the most entertaining sprite movies I've watched in a LONG time.

I especially enjoyed the fight scene between freiza and knuckles, that was really fast paced and intense. Although I would recommend you work on your spelling in your script writing.

The story was nothing new or special but I guess it was more based on the action rather than the storyline. A good aspect to the story was the whole boo thing where they could take over the others body. Still nothing new, but great to have it in the story.

Overall, It has some flaws but nothings flawless and it kept me entertained. Well done. 9/10 - 5/5


i liked it alot but how come the boos didnt take them over

That was excellent!

A good length film, with good fight scenes and an excellent cast.

Oh my god !

My prefer fight is Knucles vs Frieza ! !


You have a good choice in endings: you didn't kill MMX! you get a higher score than you would've gotten!