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Reviews for "mario all star adv 3 pr2"

Great job!(=

It's cool when mario fights using his hands. (=

But what's happened to eggman and megaman after Mario won?

this was reallt good

This was a really great flash a good cinematic feel to it and very excellent sound effects. AND very good tweening.

i just have one thing id like to point out... i didn't like the song at the end, i mean I wouldn't put a child molesters song at the end of MY flash.... maybe thats just me.

anyway great job man 5/5

D-SuN responds:

mj is kool. also its a good song u have to admit. any ways im happy u enjoyed. thanks for the review

There's one thing i don't get

why didn't this flash get 1 place.

unfair >(

Great sprite movie

What a great sprite movie, the graphics were all very smooth. The fight between frieza and knuckles was really the best of them all, it all went very fast and looked really good. The sounds were also pretty good, but they were all the same in every fight. That was too bad but not that important.
I dunno what happened to megaman after this but I guess all the boo's died after bowser was defeated and megaman went back to normal.

Keep up the excellent work, Grade: A-


Great that was a good action packed sprite animetion it went smoothy no gliche's that i could see. But just one thing you used metalx (metal sonic from sonic and knuckles) in the frist story but he was not in the second how come?.

anyway keep up the great work ^-^

D-SuN responds:

metal sonic was just there to show a sign of suport for bowser