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Reviews for "mario all star adv 3 pr2"


You did a real very good job there. This is going in my favorites!


man, I just saw part 1 and I reviewed it, and I liked it alot. Then I saw 5 seconds of this, and realized you_copied_it from NG :( OMg. I can't even watch the rest now, cuz you blantantly stole someone else's scene >__< Man, unless you had permission of the original author to take that scene, all your credibility and my respect you is gone. What a shame....

D-SuN responds:

wtf!!?? i made every scene of this movie, i copyed NO ONE!!
dude, did u ever thing that the movie i copyed it form was MADE BY ME AS WELL!!??
because i put a clip of this movie on NG along time ago. e-mail me at flame_of_gka@hotmial.com i wonna discuss this!!!!

I never could have imagine it...

I never could have imagine all of those from the gaiming world fighting all of the bad guys at the same time. And to think that Mario was the main hero!!!

hahaha... Now that's funny, but it was pretty cool!!!

Great artistic imagination!!!

But with some of the buttons on the screen there for interactivity and scene selection, it doesn't seem to function well. There might be something wrong with the way the scenes are directed to once the buttons are clicked. But, you could change that...

Peace out!!!


The fight with Frieza and Knuckles was really awsome, that was the best fight in this flash. One thing tho... shouldn't Mario at least have some broken bones after a fall like that? At the fight with Bowser? Ah well, it's great anyway!

Great job!(=

It's cool when mario fights using his hands. (=

But what's happened to eggman and megaman after Mario won?