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Reviews for "mario all star adv 3 pr2"

i like it

this was alright man but why the hell did u put sonic and knuckles and mortal kombat characters and that blue flashing thing.....

it was well done but it needs some voices man to make it look real my bro hes only 14 and hes made like 50 flashes all mario and they have voices in it so use ur brain man next time if u do a mario series just put the real characters in mario..

if u wana check out a real mario series go watch rise of the mk1 by randy solem he makes mader series and he make them funny so next time put soem jokes in it to get daily 1st place

Pretty good overall

The series was done well, except Metal Sonic never made another appearance, it would've been cool to see him fight.


I seen all Episodes, and i think all of them are pretty damn Good. It has a good story line and all, But, One thing that coulda made it a little better, was if u woulda added Zero in there too.

needs better plot line

everything else is good but needs better plot line please


Very good sprite work-some of the best fight scenes I've ever seen. However, they were a little short, and Mecha Sonic ever fought at all! Otherwise excellent, though-keep up the good work.