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Reviews for "Silent Tears [Orch]"

Great stuff!!

With music like this, why in HELL would your gf leave you?
keep it up man! Dont falter because one girl turns you down!
Good luck out there man.

Dj-Flux responds:

Thanks for your words. If we knew everything a girl thought, we'd be in a good world. =P

I'll live. It's hardly a flesh wound.

awesome man!

if this review is getting strange is it because of 1.april ;]

i love it, deserves top 5 for sure!



Dj-Flux responds:

Thanks. :]

Go China!


This is an amazing piece of music, and even without reading your description I was touched - there is meaning in this piece. Good job.

Dj-Flux responds:

I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks for the review.

omg!!!!i wuv u >.<

this song just make me cry....(gewd kinda cry) omg...tytyty for making it :'}

Dj-Flux responds:

I'm glad you felt the emotion. :]


The intro melody is very transcending and brought me a feeling of hope. To see the same gorgeous melody throughout the length of the song was a pleasant surprise, once I thought I'd hate at first, but eventually grew to love. The story you gave along with this piece really caught my attention and I read it as I listened to your song. Losing someone you once loved is never easy and only the best of us ever really find true love. To the ones who retain that love, I envy.

Anyway, I loved this piece. I listen to it often and downloaded to listen at my convenience. The best songs always have passion behind them, inspiration to drive the artist forward and expose their true talent. I believe this to be a testament to that phrase. Orchestral beauty, encased inside a two minute melody.

I hope to see a new piece from you sometime, it would be a lovely surprise.