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Reviews for "Silent Tears [Orch]"

Beautiful beyond what words can describe.

Whenever I listen to this, I can feel the emotion that you put into making the song. It is one of the most beautiful, heart-moving pieces I have ever listened to. It's hard to lose someone you love, I know. But you've got people to help you pull through. I'm going to leave you with a quote to think about.
"Never lose sight of what once enchanted you. As dawn turns to dusk, it is normal for colors to fade. But morning always follows, renewing each of life's miracles, and fostering faith in a better tomorrow." -Heather Berry

You are truly gifted. :)

Dj-Flux responds:

That's quite an accurate quote.

I wish I could say more, but thanks for your words and your review.

My friend....

Simply fantastic. You have really achieved what most musicians fail to. Music isn't about what style, but about what emotion you put into it and what you can envoke in other people. Let me just say this, I appreciate this song. It gives me a feeling like there may be hope for musicians in this generation to be considered true master composers. You have done such a beautiful job here. I wouldn't change anything. The sounds are fantastic and I wish I had your level of talent. The culmination of things I feel in this piece...Just wow. I've never honestly felt so....anything. I too know your loss. The only way to express it is through music, and even then it isn't enough to tell how you felt 100%. 10/10 and good will. I hope the best for you. You are a truly talented musician. Best wishes...

Dj-Flux responds:

Music isn't about how well you can do it, or what title is plastered behind your name, or even about if you can piece things together or not in a masterful way, it's all about emotion.

Music is emotion, music is soul, music carries a unique story for each individual and everyone can relate and connect to something such as this in their own special way.

It's a great thing to be able to share what I feel with other people, and I hope I don't lose my talent anytime soon. I hope to harness it, learn it, and focus it, and improve. :]

An embodiment of the beauty that lies within a man

As you can see from the responses prior to mine, music is truly a universal language that can speak to the soul of even the most hardened mind. For one to create such a piece that provokes these precious, base emotions from people is truly a talent that has to be commended.

Despite our different backgrounds, stories, and statements about this work. Together, we come to enjoy this product of love, even sorrow to an extent.

My friend, be sure to keep such a pure talent within you. It's a blessing to those of us seeking a moment of solace within this dank, desensitized world.

You've heard enough words from people who actually matter to you in your time of need. Here you've taken such a deep hurt and channeled it into something masterful. It's a rarity to find actual feeling placed into a song.

Yes, I just registered to comment on this song here. It's been on repeat for a time now.

Love is truly ingenious as to not be restricted to one person for all eternity. There will be one who will be deserving of your kindness and spirit. Optimism you may say? Foolishness? No, that is a promise guaranteed to you.

Thank you,

-Matt (Jet)

Dj-Flux responds:

I think I might be speechless for one of the first times in a comment.

The wisdom of your post is so invigorating, it makes me feel as if I've done a great deed to the heightened people.

I don't even know what to say, thank you for such a great review.


I have no words to describe what I felt while listening to your song and reading your comment, but I've found tears streaking down my cheeks after I listened to it. You are one of the few composers I've had the great opportunity to listen to that puts true passion and love into their music. Your songs are different from all others, they're pure and from the heart. I felt like the song itself had a soul and a mind of its own, and it connected with mine, and share its emotions with me. I've felt the pain and sorrow you have (I could even say on an even greater scale) but not in the same context - I've lost 3 family members in my childhood, and I'll just leave it at that. It takes a great deal of emotional motivation to make me even mention that to people I don't know - take it as a sign of your extraordinary ability to place emotion in your music :) And every time I had this urge to just freeze in palce, just stay in the past and not let go. But that only causes greater sorrow - the only way to go on is to let your emotions out, scram, cry, punch the walls, etc, channel out all the emotions and free your heart and soul. I've long since resigned with the fact that I can't bring them back, but it would have been easier if it would just stop at that. But these sorts of things literally rip your soul apart, and I think I took one too many hits - they've cooled me down emotionally (not completely emotionless, but still, quite less emotional than your average Joe) and that'll pose a pretty prickly problem for me unless I find a way to bypass this. I've learned one thing: no matter how strong he might look on the outside, no matter how resilient he may seem to be at first glance, a man's soul is comparable to a crystal wine glass - it can take your average bumps and hits, it can even take one stronger hit and still hold on, but if it either gets hit too many times, or a blow lands in a weak spot, it will shatter. I hope noone has to go through such a thing, and if it already happened to some, then I hope they don't have to go through it again. I've asked myself and the Almighty One "Why?", but I guess that's fate, He has plans for all of us - I'll have to live with it, and maybe one day I will finally get the answers I've been seeking since and that I'll keep on seeking until it's my turn to "take the elevator". Anyhow, I hope you will get past it. Don't give up and keep on pushing forward, you will break through. And one day (hopefully soon - babies FTW!) you will find someone who will truly care about you. Cheers, and keep on posting songs here, the AP needs you.

Dj-Flux responds:

A very nice post. I'm sorry about your family.

A song made out of pure emotion and soul connects to each individual in their own way, telling you it's story and reminding you of yours.

The analogy to a crystal wine glass is very good, I can see myself using such a line in the future.

I'll stay in the AP for as long as I have to, to improve. Thanks for the review.

Amazing piece.

Hey Calvin,

This song means a lot to me. As I am sure many people have mentioned. this song brought tears to my eyes...... I know what it is like, when you are deeply in love with someone, and they stop loving you. I do know one thing my friend, you have an amazing gift to evoke emotion out of people. Your music is poetry, without any words. You will make a girl extremely happy one day, who will see your gift. Please do not ever worry about that. I know you will miss her, but like me, you will heal. With each and every day you will forget about her slowly and move along with your life. Thank you so much for making this song. I will share it with a bunch of my friends. Keep your head up kiddo, and please never stop making music. Your music is like the rain, that will help to cleanse your soul of sorrow and revive you with hope. Good luck my friend.


Dj-Flux responds:

What a truly insightful review. Thank you.

I do hope I can find a girl who can appreciate me and what I'll do for them, and what I'll do for the world. I'll continue to write music so long as I have emotions, I'll continue to write my thoughts so long as I think. That'll never end.

Thanks much for your words.