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Reviews for "Memory"

In all my visits through Newgrounds Art Portal, I only saw two artist than nudity is not a simple bunch of rape tentacles and overrated stuff. This is a revelation, and your watercolor technique made my day. I not only love the atractive girl in the midle of the scene, also the background seems very colorfull, simple and combines perfectly whit her.

Congratulations :)

Luciaea responds:

Thanks for the kind review... Glad you like it!

Very lovely. Good job. :D

Luciaea responds:


Very good art, my good sir. I love that you show the female body in a realistic fashion, instead of using large breasted whores who have all kinds of things shoved into themselves. This is truly beautiful.

Truly amazing, watercolor isn't much used on these days, and it's nice to see something less plastic and more "organic" as for a change. Loved the colors and the way they blend with eachother. 5/5

Luciaea responds:

Thank you!
Watercolor is used... in very tight and 'secret' circles. You just have to search to find it. I know some really good contemporary watercolorists... dazzling =)

This is the kind of artwork you don't expect to see on the internet or in common circulation within the media now adays. Most unfortunate the artistic nude appearing in anything draws disgust, and many will often mock such a thing displaying tasteless disgusting behavior. But not you! You keep old traditions in art alive and beautiful without a flaw being present!

Luciaea responds:

Such a kind review... Thanks!