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Reviews for "Memory"

Her upper thighs seem disproportionately short to me. I don't know if it's the foreshortening or if it's because I'm viewing this at 11:40 at night.
Still, I think it's an amazing work. I've always been a fan of watercolors.

I wish I knew what nudity has to do with art?
Lust? Desire? Perversion?

Luciaea responds:

That seems to be a major debate right now. At least on NG. I always saw it as beauty - constructed proportions, the delicate complexity of the human body, its relationship to the environment or setting. In the end though, everyone (artist or critic) chooses their own view. I'm willing to hear other's views out and I don't tend to tell them they're wrong...

Very lovely. Good job. :D

Luciaea responds:



Luciaea responds:

Thank you.

pretty frickin pro!!!

Luciaea responds:

Thanks =)