Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"

Perfection to the Limit!

A perfect finale for something we've watched for ages and enjoyed.

I love the crisp panoramic views, especially at the beginning.

i like phantosauces reveiw

any one find it funny in chpter 25 all three of the guys were literally broken?
and that the dude who got his arm cut off it was his left arm and not his right arm? i take a religion class and it is seen in some religions that the right arm is a good arm and the left arm bad hence never let your left arm know what your right arm is doing but otherwise this was a great ending to a fantastic series
peace out :)
("sword saint" hence kensi my name means saint of the waves what a coincidince huh?)

im all a-tingle

this series left me awe stricken. thank you for bringing so much more to the table than the meaningless filth, sex, and violence that has amassed on the web today. you and your super-team are a credit to society. thanks again.


Wacky?!...you fools!

Weather you made this or not, I dont care!...give yourselves more credit....that was beautiful...truely beautiful...

This was the best flaschserie i´ve ever watched

This really rocked. It was the best flasch animation I have ever seen.

The story was so deep, the series were very touching, had also a lot of interesting symbols in it. Made me think of many things. Even had a little bit of humor in it sometimes. I watched it 2 times now, and everytime watching it was a great time. Defenitely the best storie I ever received in an film or game.

How did u do this fantastic work? It was really fascinating. Hope it´s worth watching it a fourth time in a few months.

I´m looking forward to buy a DVD of Broken saints.