Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"

And now that i have seen the whole picture

i would like to say thank you.

this is an amazing piece of work. what a joy it must have been for all the people involved in the production of such a piece of beauty. 2 weeks i have taken to view every piece in this series, and for 2 weeks i felt i was feeling a dream. this story is purely magical and amazing. the honor and fame you acheive from this you truely deserve.

i gave you a 5, wished i could give you a 10 when you know you deserve a 20.....

while this piece speaks loudly with wonderous beauty and skill there were a few things that could have made this piece a little more enjoyable. and while i write this they have all already been corrected and packaged for many more to see it. these corrections are sound... i longed to HEAR the characters words... the phonetics of the different cultures portrayed... the words having to be read betrayed the honusty and emotion of some of the scenes.

as i watched the story unfold i took time to visit the website and was pleased to see the story in entirty being sold as a dvd set. many times during the viewing of this series i wish i had a pause button so i wouldn't miss anything but i didnt. so i found myself having to watch a few of the episodes 2 or 3 times to catch the whole story.

i hope that you have more creative ventures planed and possibly new stories to share with the rest of the world. i enjoyed stepping into your world and will be more pleased when i can view the dvd to see all fo the new features in which have been included.

"may the ancients be with you all on your journey through this life and the next"
-Sir Seraph deFallen

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!!!

That has to be, and with due respect to all the other authors on NG, the most beautiful and moving series ever. I am sadden though that she and the priest die. Why does the priest die?!?!?! I loved it though. I truly hope that other feel the same way that myself and many other viewers feel. Keep up the good work.

Over already?

It seems like only yesterday i stumbled across this series. well this a sutible ending to an awe-inspiring epic. If only other flashes could have the depth and innovation of this one. Thank you for graceing us with your prolific, and artistic, voice.

The sheer size of it... amazing

(Violance and humor do not apply to this series because I don't feel that they should be rated, so you can ignore them)

The ending is brilliant.
This is so true.

I won't waste any words to this cause I can't express how good it is.

If this will ever be turned into a movie or a graphic novel, you people stand to change a world.

This is probably the best flash series of all time

I first saw this animation on the front page, and form the moment I started the first animation, I was trapped in the world of Broken Saints. This series follows four total strangers: Shandala, a girl form the south Pacific islands, Raimi, an ill tempered, foul mouthed yet good natured computer hacker, Kamimaro, a Japanese shinto priest, and Oran, a militiant muslim from Iraq.
It was completely astounding how this series was put together. The story was tight and intriguing, the characters got even more fascinating as the series went on, the graphics were better then most video games I've seen, the music was amazing [is there a soundtrack I could buy?] and, best of all, so much emotion is built into this epic story that by the time the last episode rolls by, you'll be mourning at the loss of 12 hours and thinking it was well spent at the same time.

I completely loved it. I definitely think it should be printed as a graphic novel. I'd buy it.