Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"

Simply Amazing

I have no words to express how beautiful and amazing this series is. You have done a wonderful job. Great writing, great concept, great artwork, it's all there. All I can say is, Congratulations!

this was incredible...

u r probably the greatest drawer, the most honest, thoughtful guy I've ever seen on NG. Your series are filled with great animations and emotional scenes.
U ended ur series very well. The people who dont like this because its not movies are retards and they should learn to look past the movie and look for the meaning itself. U warmed the hearts of alot of ppl dude. awsome work.
All my 5s belong to this

thank you

having just finished watching the whole series i feel i should finally leave a review. all i can say to truly sum it up, is thanks for creating it.

Setting a new bar.

Frankly, this sets a new bar for Flash. Some will say that the characters did not move, and the story was stupid. They are, quite frankly, idiots.

This is not a flash cartoon, this is a flash NOVEL. It takes a media that has thus far been used almost exclusively for quirky music videos, random violent shorts, and the occasional arthouse look at the darker side of the human soul, and produces an intelligent and riveting portrayle of a fantastic story.

If you are capable of reading past a 5th grade level, and capable of sitting still for more then 10 minutes, you will absolutely love this.

If you only like stick figures blowing each other away, and playing quirky little games at work with flash, then you'll probably dislike this.

Fantastic, absolutely, fantastic.


Watched the whole thing straight through. This was a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful series that I will find a very rare spot in my memory. I would given full 10s but the series was just too good for a fanatical review; and the only reason Interactivity(which is hard for anything that just plays by itself like movies) got a 7 was because the story and characters were so deep. The be honest I was sad when the cat died and mad when it lived only to be crucified by Mr. Insanity Jr.

Although I must say after about 8+ hours of watching my reading speed dropped by half and that's when I was wishing their was voices. Truly a mid to high quality animation with voices wouldn't be a bad idea as it would attract more fans; but us more mature and tolerant fans will always love this series even with out such a thing.