Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"

I NEED that DVD... Just... Oh God, I'm crying...

Best fucking flash series ever. If anyone says otherwise, their days are numbered. The graphics were astounding, the music so perfect, the plot unique yet gripping and suspenseful and addictive, the characters so well formed, the dialouge intelligent and meaningful, the quotes so thought-provoking, the philosophy deep and refined, the messages so meaningful, the symbolism deep, an unparalleled take on how the world works and humanity and its flaws and... Just... So... Oh God... I need more stuff to say... Can't find anymore comments... NEED... MORE... GOOD... COMMENTS!!! WHERES THE 20 ON THESE RATING CATEGORIES?! ALL MY FIVE ARE BELONG TO THIS!!! VOTE FIFEN!!! *Deep breath* Ok... I'm done now... Breathe... Calm... Ok... Heh... Great series... *Orders DVD* T3H BROKEN SAINTS ARE KINGS OF T3H FUCKING PORTAL!!! W00TN3SS!!! Heehee... Ok, I'm done for real now... W00t ^^


i just got done watching the last one on the dvd...o god, this is the coolist thing ive ever seen. to all you people reading this that dont have the dvd...go buy it...now...its so much cooler than this ( this is still really f***ing cool too)

and good job to the creators
youve changed my life for the better
thank you

long live the saints


Ever since the first episode I was drawn into this series and became addicted. I felt like I experienced every emotion that each character experiened and probably got teary eyed a few times. This series was indeed the work of true geniuses. (I know all of the rating options arent featured in this episode but i couldnt help but give all 10's)


what the hell was that??? really i dont understand it :{

This is a rating for the entire series

This was quite possibly the best thing I hav ever used the internet for. I love the art work, i loved the style of movement, I loved the text box speech dialogue. The story line was immense, and very gripping at that end point. I would really appreciate it if u cud make anutha series in this style. ps, nice anime art - how did u get it on pc? did u draw it on, or did u scan it or summit. please reply, cos i'm only jst starting on flash and want sum advice. ONce again, Brilliant Series!!!!!!!!