Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"

Best On Newgrounds

I just finished the entire run of Broken Saints and I love it. It is a true masterpiece. Great job with this art your hard work paid off. I like in later episodes the references to big films a nice touch. I also like all the quotes. And making it more like a graphic novel was a nice touch as well. This series is the best on newgrounds.

one word.....Legendary

I've been watching this series for a while now and i thought instead of reviewing each one and saying how great it was, i'll save it till the very end.
Now that i'm writing however, words seem to fail me. I feel this series is one of the greatest stories ever told, and the way you have done it in flash is brilliant.
I can't wait to get hold of the DVD now as im sure the character voices and improved graphics will make it truly amazing.
I guess i don't really have much more to say, apart from, Thank You.

This is not just a series. This is a hallmark.

I can't believe you or anyone could create something so powerful with just flash and a painting program. This is a turningpoint in the flash community and a statement about humanity. I had no idea something like this existed on newgrounds. You have raised the bar. The visuals are stunning in the whole series and I think I might have cried at some points. Don't worry about messing with the portal you have improved it with this amazing piece of inspirational art. I hope the DVD is successful and I highly recomment this series to anyone who is a fan of graphic novels, an artist, or anyone looking for an life changing experience on the internet.

Magnificantly Done...

this entire series was beautiful, everything balanced well.. other than the really scary part where tui had scary visions before falling into the ocean... too scary for me, lol ^^;;
thank you for making this beautiful flash series and presenting us with many good quotes and ideas, and most of all, thank you for making us laugh and cry and feel emotions and know that we are not alone

ok, its 416am.... i'm not sure if i'm making sense anymore

My final words.

I started watching this series on Newgrounds a day or two ago and was pulled in by the depth of the story's start and went to the old Bro. S. site to see the entirity of the end. I'm in awe of the end of this. Explosive was the word that came to mind for the start of Chapter 24, and the last three acts had me in tears. Far beyond all of my expectations. Bravo.