Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"


It had decent art, but aside from that, it was nothing but a slide show. This submission merely takes up bandwidth from the newgrounds server. In other words, you draw good, but in flash, you suck something awful. Learn how to actually animate stuff before getting involved in flash and stealing a good ranking that someone who actually worked hard for deserved.

oh yeah, ur plot sucked ballz too.

ok so i was wrong

sorry to the last reviewer... very long review... anyways last episode i said thank you,.. as in thank you for this great series... i thought it was the end... nope this was... this was great... thank you for this great series... if u guys are gonna keep makin comics i would love to see the next one... watched every episode in awe... thanks again

The Best Online Flash Series

Ten days ago, I started watching Broken Saints, and I found myself unable to stop. Every chapter and act made me want to advance further and further into the series, uncovering the plot.

I have to admit, I was a bit bored with the first half sometimes with the long character development, but it was all worth it in the end, pretty much everything wrapped up nicely and a satifactory conclusion and epilogue. I was disappointed to see one of my favorite main character die in the end, but I understood it.

It is also pretty nice to see the evolution of the artwork, from the sketchy pencil art to the moody paintings, even though it lost a bit of the "anime" feel you started out with.

I can tell you that I am happy with the series, and I will buy the DVD set, and the video game version when it comes out.

Qouting from the Georgia Straight, "...it could easily make the transition to TV or film." And I hope this becomes a reality.

nice paintings.

cool paintings. but man its slow... im falling asleep. and i dont think that emotion is nearly as hard to portray as humor, but thats me.

Somewhere amongst:

Robert Anton Wilson, Brother Theodore, and the Old Testament. But visually. I entered "interactivity" because of the connection I was able to make with many essential concepts that were presented. I have a certain amount of skepticism as to motives of others, but I have learned to pick out the things I need to hear. We all can say something wise now and then. I only hope I am listening at the time.