Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"

no words...

thanks brooke, tobias, ian and andrew. thank you for this, i really enjoyed it.... i watched them all in a roll, 10 of the best spent hours i remember. it's just so full with beauty, meaning, philosophy, clarity. It remarks so well many problems of actuality, the 2 main paths the world can take, what's wrong and what's right about this world and why that just makes this world perfect...
anyway. just the best this that has and probably will ever hit newgrounds.

a true masterpiece series

u hav had much sucess with this series of flash clips. u hac much talent in this area, and i hope to c more out of u. ty for putting quality into yur work.


wow you've just found a new fan of your work , i mean that was just amazing , never seen something like that in ng
the comic slide show , the music , the sory , all was just perfect nice work!
5/5 ez

i look foward for more of this pieces of art =)

Quite an accomplishment.

Goodness. Rarely has any form of media given my mind this much of a thrashing and left me completely breathless in the end. After viewing hour upon hour of this series, I found myself eagerly anticipating each episode more than the last. Although a sizeable number of viewers didn't appreciate the format of your pieces, I found myself intrigued by the comic book format.
Excellent job on this series, Good Sir. I'm going to purchase the DVD.
Moreover, will there be another brokensaint69 venture in the coming months?


I feel sorry for the people who can't appreicate art. Just because it's not animated doesn't make it any less of a flash. Plus i think he did animate that mouse pointer anyways! This was a great way to end an amazing series. I can't wait to see what you create next! even better if its the same team of people!