Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"


was the most dramatic and amazing flash series I have seen in my entire life. I think it would be even better If it was made into an anime, but that's just my suggestion.

An amazing end to an amazing series.

At first, i wasn't sure about the series when i first watched it. The first episode intruiged me. as i watched more and more, i kept trying to figure out what was happening. you pulled out the story slowly and surely, only making a revelation in the storyline where it needed to be. The music fit the parts perfectly. I can only say thank you for the wonderful series.


i absolutely loved this series
top notch stuff

back in 05

i watched novel back in 05. is truly epic and sad i will for ever remember it as the best flash novel. it is so deep and i get kinda emotional watching it the story i will never forget becuase it kinda changed my view on flash games and video the first time i watched this i nearly cried. and now when i watch it in 2009 i cry a little because it reminds me a little bit about my past. LONG LIVE THE BROKEN SAINTS.


Truely a masterpiece... I must admit i almost cried. I seen it all from beginning to end but never commented or reviewed because it was too many episodes for me to write a review in each, so ill save it for last.

I was truthfully touched by watching these, I can also say i learned alot about this. It was all very sad and always interesting. I was also a bit curious on how Oran and Raimi survived (or maybe when they were saying Lomalagi meant Heaven perhaps thats where they are?) Still wondering about that but none the less It still shows how beautiful this movie is. I will definitely see the whole movie again (sometimes its best to see if first time and always remember it) but I still want to know some things i was confused about...

I do have alot more to say but I must sleep, I really loved this movie and those 3 years of dedication was absolutely worth it. I am incredibly amazed by this and will always remember your effort. Beautiful and Wonderful Movie!