Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"


The best series on Newgrounds, bar none. The best work of Flash storytelling I have experienced. This will be on my mind for a long time to come.

entirely amazing

Easily the best series I've yet to see. The whole thing was captivating. I'd buy the whole series on dvd as is.

And a nice big fuck off to everyone who took it upon themselves to try and tell these amazing artists that it was too long, or too boring, or to make it shorter or to cut out the slower acts and episodes. If you were so bored, you're obviously in serious need of a life to have watched all 13 hours anyways.

Kudos to all the amazing artists involved with making this series. It was incredible.

looooong took a long time 2 finish

good story shorten it 2 a movie and ill buy it

A fitting end...

Never have high hopes and you will never be disapointed.

if this is the end, i dont wanna see the start

sorry, not my style though it may be others i didnt much care for it