Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"


boring. i almost fell asleep.


I'll be totally frank with you, when I first saw this series come about I thought it was going to be boring. I thought I was just going to be stupid and just a waste of time until I finally watched the first one. I mean the first one didn't really stand out.This was only because I wasn't expecting it to be the way it was and actually read everything but it did catch my interest. As I continued to watch I was drawn more into it. I felt like they were actually speaking it as I read. It was almost like a book but with more indepth pictures. This series did have everything. Now this is really great to me because not a lot of things interest me as much as this did. When I got to the end I wanted more. I mean it was a good ending to me but I still wanted more! I got attached to the charactors and it made me think and relate to them as well.

So to sum all of this up I'd just like to say great job and continue to do things like this.

A great ending to the best flash I've ever seen

Someone complained that there hasn't been a single intelligent review about Broken Saints, so here's one.

First of all when I saw how many episodes the saga had I said to myself: "You can't be serious, who the hell has the patience to watch it all?"

But once I started to look through the episodes I found myself either unable or unwilling to stop. Broken saints has it all:

1. Beautiful artwork.
2. A very intense script and gripping storyline.
3. Great music, fitting the mood of the story.
4. Intellectual challenge as well as a lot of philosofical deliberation and dilemmas, which challenges you to use your head. This alone makes Broken Saints very unique and makes it stand out, to it's advantage. Or correct me if I'm wrong but there aren't any other series which deal in philosophy here on NG.

I'll probably watch this series again at some or order the DVD, because many things in this series don't quite make sense after the first time you watch it.

You have see them again for them to make sense, and all those flamers, who act like assholes after watching 20 episodes or so. If you don't like the series, then why the hell are you watching it?

Using the I-net is not compulsory you know.

My heartfelt thanks to makers of Broken Saints, I'll buy the DVD and I'm also looking forward to future works from you.

Best 12 hours of my life!

WOW! this whole series was incredible! I loved the fight sequences. The way you ended it was surprising. At first I thought they would all die in martyrdum. Thanks for the surprise, it worked out good. Keep up the great work! I would love to spend another 12 hours watching stuff like this, seriously! I think I might watch this again!

Thank you for this blessing

This moved me to tears. I have not cried in years, but with this final episode tears of joy beauty and sorrow intermingled on my cheeks. Thank you.