Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"

thats good

but i dont like it the graphis were great but i didnt like it the storyline and intense niss in it is great i only whatched the last episode but u should have this on tv this is beter art then some tv shows have ur a born artist credit your self and also know that you have a talent i think you should make a seriouse that actualy has cusring sex violnce drugs and stuff

the best!

man this is the best series on NG ive seen! the graphics were great and the story line was intense if a little slow...if u make another series keep the same kind of graphics and sound just make the story go faster


After watching this whole series I still do not understand it I must be stupid or something but nonetheless I liked this alot and I WILL buy the DVDs and watch this until I do understand completely very nce to the creators of this and I wish you would create more stories like this.

Peace and happiness.

beautifull just beautifull

i couldnt believe my eyes this is a sad and beautifull story and i consider myself the person of wich does not like sad and beautifull i love action and destruction but in this case this story is beautifull....hope you make more even though this is the last thing:(

i said it once and ill say it again...it is one beautifull story that i really enjoyed:)


This is a great conclusion to a great series. Though I still do have one gripe. The pace of this series was unbearable--grueling, even. I mean, the art is amazing, no doubt, but a bunch of sequenced still-frames and word bubbles just couldn't keep my attention for long. Still, this is great--very touching, even though I skipped past the million and a half chapters preceding this.