Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"

Instead of rating all of them...

...I'm just going to rate this one.

Well, okay, this was an incredible series and all, for all the reasons everyone has said. But, for all the broken saints have gone through to get to this point, what did they learn?

1. We can learn to forgive ourselves.
2. Both good and evil come from inside.

Well, you know, neither of these are particularly profound, but you treat them like they are, so the series falls flat, ending with a whimper rather than a bang.

But I must say it was an enjoyable ride getting here. Could have used more animation, the music got repetitious after awhile, so for these reasons I don't see myself rewatching it in a year, but I think I will go back and have a look again over some of my favorite ones.

i...wow.honestly,just wow.

that was the best animation series i have ever seen in my life.thats all im saying because its all i can.

I....I....I'm at a loss of words

I have already watched this series twice all the way through...and it is the BEST animated series i have ever seen...i am def. gonna buy the DVDs. Good job!

Unf***ing believable

The scores aren't for this video, but for the ENTIRE series, and the one-line summary gives my opinion. Oh, if christmas weren't so close I'd use my money to buy the DVD, but sadly, I must save. But, this series still rules, it took the comic book style and melded it with flash to create a gripping experience. The only way I can see somebody not liking it, is if while reading the text they are unable to imagine the voices of the characters (not referring to the voices in your head saying "kill, eat, mate"), or if you simply hate reading.

This series holds a special place in my heart, for the first time since I first started visiting Newgrounds, I have found a series that made me smile, gave me the chills, and made me want to cry (almost lost it at the end). To this series I say Bravo, and find a director, the script is so awesome that you should be able to rake in more money than "the Lord of the Rings," "Star Wars," and every Disney movie ever made put together (though I'm fairly certain you aren't doing this for money). Now for an explination of my ratings:

Graphics (10): Simply Awesome use of graphics, even though it was stop motion, it was so well drawn as to be considered a work of art.
Style (10): I love to read, and somehow, you made the words come to life better than any other book I've read. Bravo!
Sound (10): The music gave me chills, and the sound effects made me want to curl into a fetal position and pray (in a good way).
Violence (7): There is plenty of violence in this series, but it is done tastfully, not like some other series that spews gallons of blood for the sake of spewing blood.
Interactivity (1): You click a button to start it, the button does something interesting. Then again, the only reason anybody would have for touching the mouse during a movie is to keep the screen saver from activating.
Humor (3): It had an occasional joke inserted, but it wasn't like it was very funny. However, it wasn't supposed to be funny either, it was meant to be serious.
Overall (10): See the above paragraphs, before this big long explination.

Just cuz the last is the best place to say it...

I love Broken Saints and think it was a magnificient and wonderful saying and simply don't feel like saying this on all of the videos (cuz that's alot of reviews lol)